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Injury Prevention Program

Preventing Falls

Why should I be concerned with Falls? Falls are an epidemic among our elders and are the number one cause of injuries leading to ER visits, hospital stays and deaths in Ohioans age 65+. An older Ohioan is injured in a fall every two minutes on average, resulting in an emergency department visit every eight minutes, two hospitalizations per hour, and three deaths each day. Despite these statistics, older adults can take action now. Falls are not a normal part of the aging process and most falls are preventable. So EMPOWER yourself with knowledge, ENGAGE yourself in life, and get EXCITED about where healthy living can lead you!

The Holmes County Injury Prevention Program is funded by a grant through the Ohio Dept. of Health with a mission to work towards preventing falls among older adults.  Our vision is that older adults will have fewer falls and fall related injuries maximizing their independence and quality of life. 


Empower yourself with the knowledge of falls prevention through participating in a FREE home safety assessment. This assessment is an educational service to promote falls awareness in and around the home. The Health District offers FREE home safety modification items to Holmes County residents 65 and older, which include: nightlights, tap lights, step stools, Yak Trax (ice traction device for winter wear shoes), reacher/grabbers, and contrasting carpet tape.


By engaging your body in physical activity on a daily basis, you can develop the added strength, balance, and flexibility needed to prevent falls and/ or decrease the serious injuries related to a fall. 

The Holmes County General Health District offers Moving For Better Balance, an evidence based exercise program. These Tai Chi movements are relaxed and slow, and low impact in nature. The movements put little stress on muscles and joints, yet can improve your strength and balance. Adaptions can be made if you need to be seated during Tai Chi. 

The Health District will begin offering Matter Of Balance in 2017. This is an evidence based program that educates older adults who have a fear of falling with tools that can aid in falls prevention. The 8 week course consists of book-work, small group discussions, and exercise.


Falls are not a normal part of aging. So get excited about your life! Take charge of your own health by: 

  1. Reviewing your medicines with a healthcare professional such as your doctor or pharmacist, since some medicines have side effect that can lead to falls. 
  2. Having your vision and hearing checked each year, knowing your body can help you make needed changes to prevent falls.
  3. Making your home a safer place to live by having a Home Safety Assessment.
  4. Exercising daily in your own home or within the community by participating in Tai Chi or Matter of Balance.

You are a valuable part of the community and we want you to remain healthy and active! 

Standing Against Falls Coalition 

The coalition works to increase public awareness of falls prevention through education, special programming, and provide evidence- based balance and mobility classes. 

We partner with local agencies and community members that have a commitment to the older adults in Holmes County. Those interested in becoming a part of the coalition, please contact Kerry at the Health District.  

For more information on any of the above, please contact:

Kerry MacQueen, CTRS, Health Educator/ Injury Prevention Coordinator - 

Holmes County Health District - 330-674-5035 

Falls Prevention Partners with STEADY U

Holmes County is partenering with Steady U to help spread awareness about falls and how to prevent them. Click the link below to find out more about Steady U, and how injuries from falls effect our loved ones, and take a falls risk assessment. 


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