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Once a birth record is filed, an affidavit is required to change or correct any information on the certificate. If it is a simple mistake in the first or middle name, the affidavit can be done at the Health District. If it is a misspelled or incorrect last name then it must be corrected by the Probate Court. The affidavit will not change the original document as it is a legal document, but is an attachment to the record that indicates the correction to the record.

For birth certificates you do not need to have any form of identification. For death certificates, if you need to have a certificate with a SSN printed on it you must bring proof of your identification and relationship to the deceased.

The family of a veteran is entitled to one free copy of that veteran's death certificate. A VA application must be submitted by either the funeral home or the Veteran's Administration Office.

In 2015 we closed the medical clinic. However we still have a mobile immunization clinic. We set up here at the HCHD twice monthly, as well as 5 other locations in the Holmes County area. Please see our Immunization Schedule listed under Families for more information.

If you have received immunizations in the past you need to bring your immunization record with you along with your insurance card if you are insured.

No we do not. You will need to see your primary care physician for this.

If time allows and we have Nursing staff available we are able to see you and confirm whether or not you have head lice.

The bottles can be picked up at our office any day of the week. Sampling day is Thursday. You may collect the sample any time after 12:00 noon on Thursday and bring it back to our office by 4:30 that same day or by 9:00 AM on the following Friday morning. Sample results are usually available the following Tuesday after 10:00AM. For more information please see the Private Water page listed under Environmental Health.

Most Fire, Sherriff, and Police Departments have a place to drop off for medications that are no longer needed. Please do not flush them down your toilet or throw them in your trash, this is unhealthy for our environment.

To learn more about WIC or to schedule an appointment, contact the WIC staff at the Holmes County Health District at 330-674-8455

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