Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases

The Holmes County Health District receives reports from healthcare providers to identify trends or outbreaks of infectious diseases. Based on the information reported, we then conducts necessary investigations to determine the cause of abnormal incidences of infectious diseases. This infectious disease information is vital in assisting us in protecting the residents of Holmes County from this public health threat.

Reporting a communicable disease:

During Normal business hours:

By fax: 330-674-2528

By Phone:  330-674-5035

To report a “Class A” disease after hours (24/7):

By Phone:  330-674-5035 and you follow the prompts to report a public health emergency

By Fax: 330-674-2528

Healthcare Providers with knowledge of a confirmed or suspected case of a reportable disease are required by Ohio law to report it to the local health department as outlined in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3701-3-03  and ORC 3701-3-05

Please contact  Jessica Boal ( or Jennifer McCoy ( if you have any questions regarding communicable diseases or disease reporting.

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